Phillipines Gold

two gold bandsThe Filipino people have a love and excitement for gold that precedes precolonial times. With stories of war loot stolen by imperial Japanese forces during World War II hidden to this day in secluded caves throughout the Philippines, the Filipino people are still intrigued with gold and the wealth it holds.   Rogelio Roxas was a Filipino treasure hunter that spent most of his life searching for the looted gold.  He allegedly discovered in a cave north of Manila a hidden chamber full of gold bars and a giant golden Buddha statue. As the story goes the hidden treasure was stolen by the Philippines authorities one night at Rogelio’s house. The treasure also known as “Yamashita’s gold”  has been the subject of a complex lawsuit involving Filipino treasure hunter, Rogelio and the former Philippine president, Ferdinand Marcos.

gold necklace on white backgroundGold jewelry from the Philippines is generally 18 or 22 karat gold.  This gold is bright in color and will never rust or tarnish.  18 karat gold is generally marked “750”, or “18K”.  22 karat gold usually is stamped “916”, or “22K”.  We also on occasion see 14 Karat gold jewelry from the Philippines.  14 Karat will be identifiable by its “585” or “14K” stamp. However, if your gold is not stamped with a hallmark don’t worry bring it in and we can test it for you at no charge.   We have also noticed some Filipino’s worked in Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates and have 18 karat or 21 karat middle east gold jewelry.  Click on the link middle east gold to learn about middle eastern gold.two gold necklaces laid flat on white background We have many customers that have lived, visited or received a gift of gold that was purchased in the Philippines.  They sometimes do not know that the gold is likely 18K or 22K gold.  Some gold buyers may take advantage of people who don’t know that the gold is higher karat gold.  They may buy the gold for 14K because the customer does not know, or the buyer does not have the experience in testing Philippines gold.  California Gold & Silver Exchange will value your gold properly. With our XRF X-Ray Analyzer we have the equipment to properly evaluate your gold and we pay accordingly.  We pay by cash or check, whatever your preference, even for large amounts.  So, bring in your gold and walk out with cash in your hand today!

Some Common Philippines Gold Coins include:

Peso, 2 Pesos, 4 Pesos, Piso, 1000 Piso, 1500 Piso, 2000 Piso, 2500 Piso, 5000 Piso, 10000 Piso.

mixture of gold and diamond jewelry on display