Mexico Gold

Gold necklace with Jesus Christ on the cross

religious jewelry with bezelThe Mexican people have a rich history of jewelry making that dates to the Aztecs and the Mayans.  In Mesoamerica gold jewelry was generally worn by the wealthy as a symbol of status in society, as well as by religious leaders for the religious ceremonies that they practiced. The designs of modern Mexican handcrafted jewelry are a mixture of both indigenous and Spanish traditions. The Mexican’s of today still have an appreciation for beautifully made gold jewelry.  Mexican made gold jewelry is mostly 10 karat and 14 karat gold, however ,we have seen as low as 8 karat, and as high as 18 karat.  The gold is often stamped “417” for 10k gold and “585” for 14k gold.  However, if your gold is not stamped don’t worry, bring it in and we can test it for you at no charge.  We have many customers that have lived, visited or received a gift of gold jewelry that was purchased in Mexico.  Some common items we purchase, but are not limited to, are the following:  rope necklaces, link and ID bracelets, religious crosses, Jesus and Virgin Mary pendants, hoop earrings, coin bracelets, and Centenarios (50 Peso).  California Gold & Silver Exchange will value your gold properly. With our XRF X-Ray Analyzer we have the equipment to properly evaluate your gold and we pay accordingly.  We pay by cash or check, whatever your preference, even for large amounts.  So, bring in your gold jewelry and coins and walk out with cash in hand today!

50 pesos Mexican gold coin, front and backSome common Mexico and Central American Gold coins include:

Mexico – Escudo, 2 Escudos, 4 Escudos, 8 Escudos, ½ Escudo, 2 ½ Pesos, 5 Pesos, 10 Pesos, 20 Pesos, 50 Pesos, 250 Pesos, 500 Pesos, 1000 Pesos, 2000 Pesos, 5000 Pesos, 1/20 Onza, 1/15 Onza, 1/10 Onza, ¼ Onza, ½ Onza, Onza, 10 Nuevos Pesos, 25 Nuevos Pesos, 50 Nuevos Pesos, 100 Nuevos Pesos, 100 Pesos, 25 Pesos.

Panama – 20 Balboas, 50 Balboas, 75 Balboas, 100 Balboas, 150 Balboas, 500 Balboas.

Belize – 25 Dollars, 50 Dollars, 100 Dollars, 250 Dollars, 500 Dollars.

Costa Rica – ½ Escudo, Escudo, 2 Escudo, ½ Onza (4 Escudos), Peso, 2 Pesos (Dos), 5 Pesos (Cinco), 10 Pesos, 20 Pesos, 2 Colones, 5 Colones, 10 Colones, 20 Colones

Honduras – Peso, 5 Pesos, 10 Pesos, 20 Pesos

El Salvador – 2 ½ Pesos, 5 Pesos, 10 Pesos, 20 Pesos

Nicaragua – 50 Cordobas, 100 Cordobas, 200 Cordobas, 500 Cordobas, 1000 Cordobas, 2000 Cordobas.

Guatemala – Escudo, 2 Escudos, 4 Escudos, 9 Escudos, 4 Reales (Cuatro), Peso, 2 Pesos, 4 Pesos, 5 Pesos, 8 Pesos, 10 Pesos, 16 Pesos, 20 Pesos.