We buy diamonds of all shapes, sizes, cuts and colors. We evaluate your gold and diamond jewelry on the spot and are able to make you a cash offer.  If you have any type of certification for your diamonds it is best to bring it with you.

Diamond Cut

There are all shapes and sizes of Diamonds.   Round brilliant, princess cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, pear cut, heart cut, oval cut, or cushion cut are some common diamond shapes or diamond cuts.  Round diamonds are the most common cut of diamonds.  They come in size of 1 point to 100 points and 1 carat and above.  Other types of round diamonds are the old miner’s cut and the old European cut.  Fancy cut diamonds is the term used to determine diamonds that are not round. Princess cut is a square shaped diamond and marquise cut is a diamond shaped diamond. Baguettes is the term used to identify rectangle or baguette shaped diamonds that are often seen in rings or pendants.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity is the way to determine what kind of inclusions or blemishes are within the diamond.  The clarity scale first established by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) ranges from Flawless to Imperfect.  A Flawless Diamond has no blemished or Inclusions.  An Internally Flawless diamond has no inclusions and only insignificant blemishes.  VVS1 or VVS2 (Very, very, slightly included) has minute inclusions that are difficult to see.  VS1, or VS2 (Very slightly included) has minor inclusions ranging from difficult to somewhat easy to see.  SI1 or SI2 (Slightly Included) has noticeable inclusions that are easy to see.  I1, I2, I3, (Imperfect) has obvious inclusions that are usually eye-visible face up.  At CGSE we have 3 experienced diamond buyers who have graduated from the Diamond Essentials program thru GIA.  There is no need to call ahead to see if the diamond buyer is in, as there is always someone available to evaluate your diamonds.

Diamond Color

The color of a diamond is very important to determine the value of the diamond.  GIA uses a scale from D to M, from white to yellow, to determine the color.  Many diamonds we see fall in the J to K color line.

diamond ring