California Gold & Silver Exchange is the one stop place to sell. We are a family owned & operated business with our roots in Southern California’s Gold & Silver Industry. The owners of CGSE have grown up in the gold & silver business. Our father owned a gold business in Southern California for over 40 years. We are familiar with gold jewelry, sterling & diamonds, as well as, have knowledge of gold & silver bullion and coins.

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At California Gold & Silver Exchange we have one of the highest payouts in Southern California and the knowledge to purchase your jewelry, along with everything you have that relates to gold, silver, diamonds & coins. With love for what we do, and compassion for people, you will feel like part of the family the second you walk into our store. We pride ourselves on having great payouts, extensive knowledge, and customer service that is second to none. There is no pressure to sell, and our estimate is free of charge. We will gladly answer any questions you may have to help you understand what we do, and how the process works.


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We provide a convenient and easy way to sell your gold, silver, diamonds, coins, and bullion.

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A New California Gold Rush Sparks After Winter Rains

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Here you will find live pricing for the most popular precious metals. These are the current average industry prices and do not reflect CA Gold & Silver Exchange pricing.