What Happens to Your Jewelry After You Sell It to Us?

Have you been thinking about selling some of the gold or silver jewelry you have laying around at home? If you have, you may have wondered what we do with it once you sell it to us. We’ll give you a hint: we don’t resell it. What happens instead is that it gets repurposed into gold and silver bars or bullion.

We do not resell your jewelry.

While reselling jewelry may seem like the obvious thing to do, it doesn’t quite make sense for us as gold and silver traders. It’s easier to invest in gold and silver in a bar, bullion, or coin form than when it’s jewelry. This is the main reason we don’t resell your jewelry. Instead, we repurpose your jewelry into more investable materials.

It’s melted down into gold bars or bullion.

After you sell your jewelry to us, it gets melted down into gold and silver bars and bullion to make it easier to invest in. Your jewelry is heated to a very high temperature before it’s poured into a mold, then cooled to form a gold or silver bar. You can see examples of this process in the video below.

Check out this video to see how gold jewelry and scrap is melted into bars and bullion:

*Do not attempt to do this at home. This process should only be completed by professionals.

Ready to sell your gold or silver jewelry?

If you are ready to sell your gold or silver jewelry, contact us at California Gold and Silver and set up an appointment. Have questions? Check out our FAQ.