Should I sell my silver & gold bullion on Ebay?

Will selling your silver & gold bullion on eBay get you the best price?

If you are willing to sell your silver or gold bullion, you will surely want the best price for it. If you have plans to offload some of your collection or inherited jewelry from any family member, you may need a smooth transaction process.

There are three main factors to consider while selling a gold or silver article.


The price depends upon what you are selling and what the amount is. Scrap metal, jewelry, bars, coins, and billions have different rates.


Where you are selling your precious metal can determine the convenience and ease of the whole process. It may be a local pawn shop or some online store.


 You must be sure that the method of selling is a safe and transparent one that does not have any risks.

Selling gold and silver bullion at eBay.

If you are planning to sell your gold and silver bullion on eBay, consider the following facts.

  • The auction can end at a much lesser amount than you want for your product due to the inconsistency. Despite the high traffic rate, there is no predictability in the bidding system.
  • It may take a long time to sell your product.
  • eBay fees may take up to 12% charges which are pretty high.
  • You are worried about the shipping process as the item can get lost in the shipping process. To insure your item during shipment, you have to pay the additional cost.
  • eBay works on honor code, not verifying the authenticity of items listed. The buyer can also state that he received nothing, and without any content of proof of the item, the seller can win the case if a dispute is filed.
  • Only high brand names do best on eBay.

California Gold and Silver Exchange

Being an old and renowned business, California Gold and Silver Exchange is the one-stop place to sell precious metals and jewelry.

California Gold and Silver Exchange is safer and a better method for selling your gold and silver, freeing you from all worries. Their estimate is free of charge, and they are ready to answer your questions about anything you want to know. Committed to safety, they work with all things clear and transparent.

When you bring your item for sale, an accurate and thorough assessment is done to value them. It is given a price according to the current market. A full quote is provided to the customer for the purchase of the item. The jewelry in any condition and the price is paid according to the karat of gold. If you are not sure about the karat and your jewelry, they can evaluate it for you with no charge. With the XRF X-ray analyzer, they properly analyze your jewelry and its reasonable price.

Dental gold and silver

They also buy dental gold and silver crowns, bridges, and fillings containing gold. Even if the tooth is attached to it, they can separate it and assess its metal. So bring in your dental precious metal and fill your hands with cash.

Health safety in covid pandemic

California Gold and Silver Exchange has a site-specific protection plan for controlling the spread of COVID-19. Using hand sanitizers frequently, keeping social distancing, and limiting less than ten people in their business at a time allows clean work stations. Air filtration systems are present under the HEPA-approved standards.