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We Exchange Crown Gold

You may have heard the term “crown gold” before. But what is crown gold, and how is it different from other types of gold? If you aren’t already investing in crown gold, now is a great time to get started in investing in precious metals. At CA Gold and Silver, we exchange crown gold. Always talk to your CPA or Financial Advisor before making investments.

What is Crown Gold?

Despite its name, crown gold does not refer to the gold used in creating crowns for your teeth. Crown gold is the purest form of gold that you can buy on the market today. The term crown gold refers to a 22-karat gold alloy. The name was introduced in 1526 in England under Henry VIII’s reign, referring to the gold that was used in the crown coin. It has a proportion of 22 parts out of 24 pure gold, and it is less prone to wear than 23-karat gold which tends to be softer.

What is the Best Type of Gold to Exchange?

Generally, gold bars are the most recommended route to take if you want to make the largest return on your investment. Gold bars tend to hold the most value, and they are the most versatile in weight. Because of this versatility, you have the most flexibility when it comes to how much you are willing to initially spend on your trade. It’s also a good idea to look for the highest purity of gold you can find since higher purities often are worth more.

What Kind of Crown Gold Do You Exchange?

We exchange crown gold in nearly every form. Commonly, we buy and sell gold coins, bullion, and bars. We can evaluate and buy gold jewelry even if it’s broken, and we also accept dental gold.

Common Gold Coins We Buy:

  • American Gold Eagle
  • American Gold Buffalo
  • South American Krugerrand
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Mexican Gold Peso
  • Chinese Gold Panda
  • Austria Philharmonic
  • $20 Coins, Liberty Head and St. Gaudens Type
  • British Gold Sovereigns
  • Austria Hungary Gold Corona
  • Austrian Gold Ducat
  • Swiss Gold Franc
  • French Gold Franc

Learn More About Gold Items We Buy

What Gold Items We Sell

We sell many different types of gold coins, bars, and bullion. Our stock is frequently updated, and can be found here.

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How to Test Your Gold at Home

If you have some gold to sell, you may first need to verify that your gold is actually worth something. While regular gold investors may already own equipment for testing, the average person will probably need to try other options. You may be wondering how to test if your gold is real without the use of fancy equipment. Luckily, you can test your gold for authenticity right at home with things you probably already have laying around!

Home Tests to See if Your Gold is Real

We always recommend getting your gold tested by a professional. However, if you want to make sure the trip to the gold buyer will be worth it, you can do these preliminary tests to check for authenticity. Use these tests with caution. Some of these may cause damage to your items if you aren’t careful.

Gold Hallmarks and Letter Marks

The easiest way to test your gold for authenticity is to check for markings and stamps on the gold. Authentic pieces are usually stamped with letters, numbers, or other markings that give basic information about the gold piece. There is usually a hallmark that will indicate what kind of gold you have. You can find these by looking for 10k for 10 karat, 14k for 14 karat, etc. There may also be letters that indicate if your gold is filled plated, or electroplate. GF means gold filled, GP means gold plated, and GEP means gold electroplate. However, even if your gold plating is real, it doesn’t always mean that there is enough gold to be considered true gold.

Test if Your Gold is Real With Vinegar

You can test to see if your gold is real by putting a little bit of vinegar onto it. Put your piece of gold on a flat surface or hold it in your hand. Carefully pour some vinegar onto the gold, or use a dropper to put a few drops onto it.  If the gold changes color, then it is not pure gold. However, if the gold remains the same, or stays shining, then the gold is real. You can also put some vinegar into a glass and let the gold soak in the glass for 5-8 minutes. If the gold changes color (even slightly) after rinsing it, then it is not real gold.

The Makeup Test

You can test to find out if gold is real or not with just a little bit of liquid foundation. Although this method isn’t 100% reliable, it’s an easy way to test in a pinch. Take a small amount of liquid foundation and blend it into your hand. Set with powder, and after it’s dried down, rub your gold on the area. If the area turns black, it’s more than likely real gold. However, if you rub gold on clean, dry skin that’s free from lotions, makeup, and oils, there should be no residue left from the gold after rubbing. If a black or greenish mark appears on clean skin, it may not be real. Test your gold on both clean, dry skin and skin with the liquid foundation to see if there is any difference.

Real Gold Won’t Stick to a Magnet

Another very simple test you can do is to use a strong magnet against your gold. Real gold is not magnetic, and therefore, should not stick.

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Always talk to your CPA or Financial Advisor before making investments.

items we buy

If you are just getting started in investing in precious metals, you may be wondering which items we buy put the most money back in your pocket. While the market is always changing, there are items that guarantee to get some money in your pocket every time. Some of these things you may even have laying around your house waiting for you to cash them in.

Items We Buy

We buy gold, silver, platinum, coins, bullion, and diamonds. However, our main focus, and what will give you the biggest return on investment is gold and silver. We buy items in all conditions and in nearly every form including jewelry, coins, flatware, dishware, dental gold, bullion, PCGS & NGC coins, bars, and more.


Items We Buy

What Items We Buy Gets You the Most Back

It may be surprising, but the items we buy that guarantee you get the most are items that you might already have at home. Jewelry, flatware, silverware, and other common household items are often worth some money if they’re made from real gold or silver. So, if you have some fancy silver dishes that your great-great aunt left you when she passed, you may want to get them appraised.

Another place you can often find these types of items for little to no cost to you is at estate sales and yard sales. Many times people just want to get rid of their things without either knowing or caring how much their items are worth.

What to Know Before You Sell

The most important thing to know before we buy your items is: DO NOT CLEAN OR POLISH YOUR ITEMS. Your items will actually decrease in value if you polish, buff, or clean them. Please leave items untouched. If they are dirty, antique, or broken, that is perfectly okay!

This article gives a good overview as to why you especially shouldn’t clean coins before having them appraised.

Always talk to your CPA or Financial Advisor before making investments.

Items We Don’t Accept

We do not buy gold or silver plated items, and we also do not buy items that we cannot guarantee their authenticity.


Have some items you’re ready to sell? Contact Us today to get some cash in your pocket.

Test the Worth of Your Silver and Gold

Is that old silver dish your grandmother gave to you actually a hidden treasure? Did you stumble across a gold coin that you think might be worth something? It’s all a possibility! You can test the worth of those metals at home to see if they are actually a goldmine or not (pun intended). You can perform these tests before deciding to bring them to us to have them appraised.

How to Test the Worth of Silver at Home

Look for Authentication Hallmarks

Authentication hallmarks are a stamp on the metal from the manufacturer. These stamps give you information like the purity of the silver, the manufacturer, and the date the silver was manufactured. Common hallmarks are 925 (sterling silver), 900, or 800.

Magnet Test

Real gold and silver are not magnetic. You can use a magnet to see if it is drawn to your items. If your items stick to the magnet, they are not real silver or gold.

The Ice Worth Test

Real sterling silver will melt ice exceptionally fast. Even when silver is at room temperature, it has high thermal conductivity. Place the supposed silver on the ice (or vice versa), and set another piece of ice by itself as a control. If the piece with the silver melts much faster, it is probably real silver.


gold worth test


How to Test the Worth of Gold at Home

Acid Tests

You can buy home acid tests that consist of rubbing your gold on a test stone, and then dropping different acids on it. The acids come in correspondence with different gold karats. To test your gold, you drop the acid of the karat you think it is onto the gold. If it stays the same color, it is that karat. However, if it turns brown, it is a lower karat. If it disappears, it is not real gold.

Skey Tests

If you’d like a test that’s safer and still relatively cheap, you can also get a skey test from different online retailers. To perform this test, you place the gold on the testing plate, and touch the probing pen to the gold. Then, the device will instantly give you a reading of what karat your gold is! You can get a testing device on Amazon for $325.

Ready to Bring in Your Gold and Silver?

If you’ve already performed a test to see if your gold and silver are worth anything, or if you want to leave it to the experts, we are here and ready to help! Contact us today to have your precious metals appraised.

(Always talk to your CPA or Financial Advisor before making investments.)

2021 Queen's Beast Completer

California Gold and Silver Exchange is excited to announce a new product coming soon, the Queen’s Beast 2021 Completer. The Queen’s Beast 2021 Completer will be available for purchase in mid to late July 2021.

The Queen’s Beast are ten legendary creatures who symbolize the historic ancestry of Her Majesty The Queen. As a set of ten statues, each bearing the shield or crest of the family they represented, they stood guard outside Westminster Abbey in 1953 as the world watched Her Majesty’s coronation. As the Queen’s Beast Collection, their mythical stories have been re-imagined for the twenty-first century in a series of ten popular coin designs by the celebrated designer Jody Clark.

Now, the collection draws to a close with The Queen’s Beasts 2021 bullion coin. The Final Design in the collection features all ten beasts arrange in a protective circle around The Queen. It is the only coin in the series to unite all ten beasts with the monarch whose heritage they represent in one unique design.

This concluding Queen’s Beast coin will also be available as a two-ounce fine silver edition and a strictly limited-edition fine silver kilo, which has a diameter of 100mm.

Key Features:

  • The eleventh and final coin in the highly popular Queen’s Beasts collection
  • The only coin to feature all ten of the The Queen’s Beast in on regal design
  • Both designs that appear on the coin were created by Jody Clark
  • Struck in on ounce of 999.9 fine gold
  • Finished to The Royal Mint’s bullion standard


  • Alloy: 999.9 Au
  • Diameter: 32.69mm
  • Obverse Designer: Jody Clark
  • Reverse Designer: Jody Clark
  • Quality: Bullion
  • Year: 2021
  • Packaging: Tubes

2021 Queen's Beast Completer

2021 Queen’s Beast Completer

At California Gold and Exchange, we have many other gold coins and bars in stock ready for purchase.  At this time, we also have a limited stock of the final Queen’s Beast coin, the White Greyhound. Furthermore, on more information on products we sell visit our What We Sell page. In addition, we can be reach at (909) 985-4653 during regular business hours.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on current availability and pricing.