Coming Soon: Great Britain 2023 Silver King Arthur 1 oz Bullion Coin

Great Britain 2023 Silver King Arthur 1 Troy Ounce Silver Bullion Coin

Coming soon to California Gold and Silver Exchange in Upland, California is the 1 troy ounce 2023 Silver King Arthur Bullion Coin. Inspired by the traditions of storytelling and folklore, passed down through centuries and generations, the Myths and Legends Collection from The Royal Mint was launched in 2021, beginning with a three-coin series celebrating the famous tales of Robin Hood. These beautiful silver coins are a great addition to any silver stacker collection. Furthermore, the feature the now deceased Queen Elizabeth the Second, one of the last coins to be issued with the beloved Queen.

The legend of King Arthur first appeared in the Welsh medieval chronicles of the ninth and tenth centuries and remains one of the most iconic figures within British mythology. Furthermore, the legend has evolved over the ages, with various narrative strands offering depictions of Arthur that range from a fierce warrior defending Britain against Saxon invaders to the noble leader of the Knights of the Round Table, which embodies the values of a chivalric society.

The design, created by the experienced illustrator David Lawrence, features King Arthur at its center as he sits astride a horse and grasps Excalibur, his legendary sword. Camelot Castle, home to the Knight of the Round Table and their noble leader, can be seen in the background. Struck in 999 fine silver, each coin is finished to The Royal Mint’s bullion standard.  This coin is also available as a one ounce gold edition. Call us for more information on the gold edition.

Invest in a legend of British folklore as the story of King Arthur inspires our latest three-coin series within our collection dedicated to myths and legends. In addition, the fabled king graces the first coin of the new series, with Merlin and Morgan le Fay planned to feature on the second and third coins respectively. What a great addition this will make to your silver bullion collection!

Key Features of the 2023 Silver Britannia

  • The first coin in a new three-coin collection inspired by British myths and legends, honouring the legendary King Arthur
  • Each coin contains one troy ounce of 999 fine silver
  • Struck to The Royal Mint’s bullion standard
  • Features an interpretation of the legendary King Arthur by David Lawrence

Specifications of the 2023 Silver King Arthur

Alloy: 99.9 AG

Diameter: 38.61 mm

Obverse Designer: Jody Clark

Reverse Designer: David Lawrence

Quality: Bullion

Year: 2023

Packaging: 25 in Tube


California Gold and Silver Exchange has secured this new product for purchase in store.  Furthermore, this product will be available for purchase in the middle of November, however there will only by a limited quantity of coins.  Call for current pricing and availability.  For more information on coins from Great Britain visit The Royal Mint’s website. Furthermore, for other items available at California Gold and Silver Exchange visit our What We Sell page, check out our blog or call us directly at 909-985-4653 during regular business hours. We are located in Upland, California in San Bernadino County of Southern California.