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Is it Better to Own Stocks or Silver?

Deciding is it better to own stocks or silver is a matter of considering your individual financial goals and risk tolerance, as well as market conditions. Both stocks and silver offer unique benefits as assets. Both also come with their own set of risks. Exploring the pros and cons of owning stocks versus silver can […]

How Much Silver Should I Own?

As investors seek to diversify their portfolios and protect their wealth, silver has emerged as a compelling choice and the question — How much silver should I own? — has become a common one. Unlike gold, silver’s unique blend of industrial demand and investment appeal offers distinct advantages. Still, there are multiple factors to consider […]

How Much Gold Can You Buy for $20,000?

Whether you’re new to investing in gold or looking to expand your holdings, you might wonder how much gold you can buy with a specific amount of money, so let’s look at how much gold can you buy for $20,000 … just as an example. Investing in gold is a popular way to diversify your […]

Is it Better to Own Cash or Gold?

In times of economic uncertainty, the question — is it better to own cash or gold? — is particularly relevant. Both cash and gold offer unique advantages and come with their own set of risks. Deciding which is better for you depends on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and market outlook. Benefits vs. Risks of […]

How Much Gold Should I Own?

Gold has been a symbol of wealth and stability for centuries. The question, “how much gold should I own?” is essential for investors looking to navigate the world of gold investing. Historically, gold has been prized for both its intrinsic value and its role as a hedge against economic uncertainty. For smart investors looking to diversify […]

Can I Make Money by Selling Old Jewelry?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I make money by selling old jewelry?” Are you wondering if that old necklace, ring, or earrings gathering dust in your jewelry box could turn into cash? At California Gold & Silver Exchange, we’re here to tell you that selling old jewelry can indeed be a lucrative venture. From […]

Gold or Silver: What Should I Buy First?

Investors choosing between gold and silver can often feel like navigating a maze without a clear path. The question lingers: “Gold or Silver: What should I buy first?” But when it comes to investing in precious metals, the choice between buying gold or silver can be compared to deciding between two equally appealing paths. Neither […]


Risks and Rewards of Investing in Precious Metals

Any investing comes with both risks and rewards, but the risks and rewards of investing in precious metals are unique. What are Precious Metals? Precious metals refer to rare, naturally occurring metals with high economic value. The most common precious metals include gold, silver, and platinum. These metals have been coveted throughout history for their […]

How to Get Started with Investing in Precious Metals

When the economy is uncertain and markets fluctuate, many investors turn to precious metals as a more reliable option, but knowing how to get started with investing in precious metals is a critical first step. Investing in precious metals like gold and silver offers a hedge against inflation, currency devaluation, and geopolitical instability. But there […]