Which Coins Are Worthless and Which Ones are Valuable?

If you’ve got a handful of coins clinking around in your drawers or in a box under your bed, you may be wondering if they are valuable. But how can you tell which coins are worth something? We’re here to tell you which coins are worthless and which ones are valuable. Always talk to your CPA or Financial Advisor before making investments.

Which Coins Are Worthless?

Susan B. Anthony Coins

Susan B. Anthony coins tend not be worth much. There are two reasons that these coins don’t hold much value. The first is that they were extremely common when they were in circulation. It is very rare to come across one that actually has worth to it since so many are common mints. Second, is that there was a lack of interest and confusion when it came to the coins that caused most of the variations to not be in circulation at all. The supply of these coins is very high, while the demand is low. Often, you won’t get more than the face value of the coins.

Sacagawea Coins

Like the Susan B. Anthony coins, the Sacagawea Dollars don’t often hold much value besides the very few rare varieties that exist. These coins are also often only worth their face value, and while they are a great addition to a coin collection, they won’t make you money.

Presidential Dollar Coins

Presidential dollar coins are another type of coin that is only worth its face value. Presidential dollar coins are fairly common on the market and make a fun gift for kids or collectors, but aren’t worth trying to make a sale on. These coins stopped being in production around 2011 because they had a very low demand.

Wheat Back Pennies

Wheat back pennies are coins that are commonly misrepresented as being worth a lot of money, but in reality, they aren’t worth more than a few cents. There are millions of these pennies on the market, and there are only two pennies (the 1909-s and the 1909 BVD) that have value. However, these two pennies are so extremely rare that it’s highly unlikely that you will ever come across one.

Which Coins Are Valuable?

American Flowing Hair Dollar (1794)

The American Flowing Hair Dollar first appeared in 1794, and only lasted until around 1795. The 1795 version is more common than it’s earlier counterpart which makes the 1794 coin extremely valuable.

Draped Bust Half Dollar (1797)

Draped bust half dollars were minted between 1796 and 1807. However, the 1797 draped bust half dollar is a very rare version of the coin with less than 4,000 coins ever minted with only a few hundred still left circulating today.

Liberty Seated Dollar (1870)

Liberty Seated Dollars from 1870 are extremely rare and valuable coins. With only 15 minted of the 1870-S variety, these coins are in high demand and could fetch you over a million dollars if it’s in pristine condition. However, the regular strike 1870 coins are also valued around $100,000 (in pristine condition) and have around 415,000 in circulation.

Morgan Silver Dollar (1889)

It’s possible that you have an 1889 Morgan silver dollar sitting around at home. With over 21 million minted, these coins are valued at around $25,000 if they’re in pristine condition. These coins are also valuable because each mint of these coins has its own distinctive mark.

Any PCGS or NGC Coins

Any coin that is graded by a national grading organization like the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) will have value to it. If you buy coins that are already graded by one of these organizations, it’s likely that your coin has potential resale value that can make you a profit.

Should You Clean Coins Before Selling Them?

You should never clean coins before you sell them. Even if you have a coin that is extremely valuable, cleaning it could greatly diminish the value. Even if your coins are very dirty, you should never attempt to clean them before you bring them to be graded. Professional coin dealers won’t mind that they’re dirty, and they will take the proper steps to remove the dirt if it’s necessary.

Want to Buy or Sell Gold and Silver Coins?

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