Beware of these Gold Scams

The word "Beware" is lined with gold letters on wooden planks. 3D illustration image

Scammer Targets Gas Station and Casinos: 

There is a man going around to gas stations and casinos scamming people with fake gold necklaces and rings. The guy’s story at the gas station is that he is stranded and he needs to get back home. He has his family with him and he drives a nice SUV like an Escalade or similar. He offers the item of jewelry that he is wearing for the person to give him some cash so he can purchase gas. The item that he is willing to trade is marked either 14k or 18k in a big marking that you can read with the naked eye. The mark (or intended victim of the scam) then thinks that they are going to get this “gold” for a little amount and then be able to come into a business like ours and sell the item and make a profit. The items that they are selling are not gold. They are made up of copper, nickel, and zinc and contain no precious metals.


How to Stay Safe:

Beware of the warning signs to avoid getting scammed:

  • Man with a story about being stranded or out of gas approaches you and asks for help
  • Gas Station, Casino, or Similar Location
  • Expensive SUV with others inside who are referenced as his Family
  • He offers to give you a ring or necklace that he is wearing which is very clearly marked as 14k or 18k Gold

If you are the intended victim of the scam, politely decline to help the man. As soon as you are in a safe location, call 911 to report the crime and mention this article if needed.

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