A New California Gold Rush Sparks After Winter Rains

A New California Gold Rush Sparks After Winter Rains

Is it time to grab your gold pan? Many believe we are seeing a new Gold Rush in California following the winter storms we had earlier this year. Because of the large amount of rain and snowmelt, rivers and streams are running at faster rates than we have seen in a very long time. This has led to many gold miners believing that it’s enough movement to loosen up the gold deposits in the mountains. Many modern-day prospectors are calling it the “Gold Rush 2.0” and are heading out in hopes of striking big.

Nick Prebalick, the owner of California Gold Panning in historic Jamestown, says that “the strong currents from the heavy rains have cleared out much of the debris in waterways, helping to better expose gold nuggets. It also cleared all the sediment,”

Prebalick continues, “You used to have to dig three more feet to get down to the bedrock where the gold is,” he explains that bedrock is the heaviest material that settles at the bottom of rivers and creeks. He says the rain “Cleared everything out, so it’s really easy to get down where the gold is now.”

However, we don’t believe that another Gold Rush is happening at any time in the near future. Our owner, Michael Brewart, explains that “We haven’t been getting any people coming in with any [larger than normal] quantities or any amount in the last couple weeks, but I have heard that with the weather that there’s a lot of interest in trying to find gold.”

So while some people think that a surge in gold is imminent for the near future, we haven’t seen any actual proof of this yet.

Although another Gold Rush doesn’t seem likely, we are still open for business! If you have any gold or silver items including jewelry, coins, bars, or bullions you’d like to sell, come visit California Gold and Silver Exchange’s office in Upland, California. We also sell gold and silver for those looking to purchase from a reputable seller. Contact us if you’d like to make an appointment.