90% Constitutional Silver Now Available at as low as Spot plus $3.49 per ounce.

90% Silver Coins Pre-1965

California Gold and Silver Exchange Special

California Gold and Silver Exchange was able to obtain some of the highly sought out 90% Constitutional Silver and we are offering at a special price of spot plus $3.99 for up to $500 face value and spot plus $3.49 per ounce for over $500 face value.  This silver is the Pre-1965 United States dimes and quarters that contain 90% silver.  Just half a century ago, these coins were used as money in circulation.  However, in 1965 the silver was removed from the coinage in the dimes and quarters.  The half dollars were changed from 90% silver to 40% silver, and continued through 1970 with the 40% silver. These 90% silver coins are a great way to hold investment silver.  The coins are priced out by the face value.

How is 90% priced out?

The coins are sold by the face value, that is to say per dollar.  For example with the at publication spot price of $27.60, the rate per ounce would be $31.59.  The rate per dollar face value is $22.58.  A $10 roll of quarters would cost you $225.80 and $100 face value of dimes would cost you $2258.00.  Importantly, we are able to provide any amount in face value.  The rolls of dimes are $5.00 face value and the rolls of quarters are $10.00 face value. For a half bag or $500 face value the cost per ounce would be $31.09.  The price per dollar would $22.23 or $11,115.00 for a half bag, which is $500 face value of dimes or quarters.

How do I convert face value to ounces?

People often ask us how to convert the 90% silver to ounces.  One way to do it is to weigh the coins and figure 90% of the weight to get the troy ounces.   Therefore, if there is weight of 4.75 troy ounces this would equal to 4.275 troy ounces (4.75 x .90 = 4.275).  A person would have to have a troy ounce scale to be able to do this type of conversion.  However, an easier way that is used in the industry to go by the face value of the coins.  For every $1.40 in face value of a combination of dimes, quarters, and half dollars pre-1965 there is the equivalent of 1 troy ounce of silver.  Another way to look at this is for every $1.00 in face value there is .715 troy ounces.  For example, you have $10.00 face value of silver quarters, then that is equal to 7.15 troy ounces (10.00 x .715 = 7.15).  In addition, if you take $1.40 and multiply it by .715 you get the desired $1.00 amount.

Where can I get the 90% silver coins?

California Gold and Silver Exchange is the place to buy 90% silver coins.  In addition, we can sell you any amount from 1 dime to full bags of $1000 face value.  More importantly, this is a great way to own investment silver at at a low premium price.  Call us at 909-985-4653 for current days prices.  Special is while supplies last.  Prices are subject to change with out notice.