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2024 Silver Maple Leafs

2024 Silver Maple Leafs featuring King Charles III for the first time

The new 2024 Silver Maple Leafs are highly collectible and historically significant because for the first time ever the front face has a monarch other than Queen Elizabeth II gracing it.

Canada’s signature silver bullion coin is one of the world’s most iconic and instantly recognizable coins. Since its introduction in 1988, the coin has featured a maple leaf on the reverse and Queen Elizabeth II on the face.

Instead of Queen Elizabeth II (who passed away in on Sept. 8, 2022), this year’s coin introduces the first Canadian effigy of King Charles III. His Majesty King Charles III was officially proclaimed King of Canada on Sept. 10, 2022.

2024 Silver Maple Leafs feature King Charles III for the first time ever

Why a Maple Leaf?

The maple leaf has been Canada’s national symbol since the 1800s. Canadian pennies started featuring maple leaves in the 1850s. Then from 1876 to 1901, the maple leaf appeared on all Canadian coins.

Of course, the maple leaf isn’t just used on coins. It’s also a symbol of Canadian identity. In 1868, it was used on the Ontario and Quebec coat of arms. It was on the Olympic uniforms of Canadian athletes beginning in 1908. It was featured on Canadian military uniforms and equipment in both World Wars. And it was put on the country’s new national flag in 1965.

It’s said that the distinctive maple leaf signifies pride, connection, and community.

2024 Silver Maple Leaf Back with the iconic maple leaf symbol of Canada

Highlights of the 2024 Silver Maple Leafs

Here are some coin highlights:

  • Each one-ounce 2024 Silver Maple Leaf is $5 Canada legal tender.
  • The Silver Maple Leafs are minted at the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • The coins are highly pure 99.99% fine silver.
  • The smaller leaf below and slightly to the right of the centerpiece maple leaf is micro-engraved with the number 24 and serves as advanced anti-forgery protection against counterfeiters.

Get Your 2024 Silver Maple Leafs Today

Silver Maple Leafs are always in high demand with collectors, but with the historical significance of the 2024 Silver Maple Leafs, demand is expected to be heavy. So, get yours today!

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