White Gold

California Gold and Silver Exchange buys many 14k white gold jewelry items, including, but not limited to, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, chains, and earrings.  Furthermore, many times people think that their white gold item is sterling silver. They are often very surprised with the additional money that they receive.  Generally, white gold is 14 karat, but we also see 18 karat and 10 karat.  We buy white gold marked 14k or 585, 10k or 417, or 18k or 750. White gold is alloyed with silver, zinc, and nickel to give it the “white” or silver looking color.

Often, we also see white gold items that have been rhodium dipped.  Rhodium is another precious metal that is white in color that jewelers used to dip white gold or yellow gold to make look like white gold.  Periodically, we see that the rhodium dipped items are turning back to yellow gold as the layer of rhodium is wearing off. Other white gold items we buy include: cufflinks, anklets, nose rings, wedding bands, and engagement rings.

At California Gold & Silver Exchange we buy white gold.  Bring in your white gold jewelry today and we can price out your gold items.  We pay cash or check, whatever your preference. We also buy black hills gold, rose gold, and yellow gold jewelry items.