The Franklin Mint

California Gold and Silver Exchange understands that you may have coins or medallions that were made by the Franklin Mint in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  The Franklin Mint was a private mint established in 1964 in Pennsylvania.  It mass produced and marketed silver commemorative rounds and collectable medallions.  They produced ingots, collector’s plates, collector’s spoons, philatelic covers, Canadian collectibles, and Christmas ornaments. Some topics included presidents, history, airplanes, Norman Rockwell, boats, religion, art, space, U.S. Constitution, cars, holidays, ships, trains, flags, 50 states, Olympics and zodiac.

The Franklin mint was the manufacturer of yearly proof coin sets for various countries, the most popular was the 20 Balboas coin from Panama featuring Simon Bolivar. They also made coins sets for Barbados, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Cook Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, Papua New Guinea, Netherlands Antilles, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Tunisia, Malta, and Malaysia. These sets often come in a red box case with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Franklin Mint.

The Franklin Mint items are sterling silver, sterling silver gold-plated, bronze, nickel, or Aluminum. At California Gold and silver exchange we do purchase the sterling silver items.  They are generally marked sterling or .999 silver on the side of the round or ingot.  Sterling silver means that the items is 92.5% silver and .999 is 99.9% silver. They can be a regular finish, proof finish, or antique finish.  However, if you’re not sure if your coins are silver don’t worry, with our XFR- Precious Metal Analyzer we can test your items to know exactly what you have.  At California Gold & Silver Exchange we buy many Franklin Mint products and we can pay you cash or check.  Please feel free to call or come on in if you have any questions.  We want you to feel comfortable and understand how the buying process works.