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Gold Items We Buy And Sell

Gold Bullion

Gold Bullion simply means “high purity gold in the form of bars, ingots or coins“. Basically, gold bullion is the kind of gold that investors most typically want to buy. We at California Gold and Silver Exchange buy all gold bullion from any manufacturer or country. Gold bullion is also sought out by collectors of rare gold coins, vintage currencies, and other bullion with numismatic value.

Gold Coins

We have many gold coins in stock, including, American Eagle, American Buffalo, Australian Kangaroo, Austria Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf, Mexican 50 Peso Centenario, South Africa Krugerrand, Great Britain Britannia coins, and many more. We have coins ranging in weight from 1/10 ounce to 1 ounce per coin.

Gold Bars

1 oz bars are an easy way to invest in gold. They are .9999 pure 24 karat gold and have a low premium over the spot gold price. They come sealed in a certified assay card from the manufacturer. We sell gold bars at a variety of weights, ranging from 1 ounce to 1000 grams.

Gold or Chinese gold ingot mean symbols of wealth and prosperity on a background.

Gold Ingots

Gold Ingots are another term for gold bars or gold bullion. High purity gold is cast in the form of ingots or bars as a method of storing gold in bulk for currency reserve purposes or further processing into other forms, such as gold jewelry or coins.

Gold Scrap

Gold Scrap

“Scrap gold” is an expression that refers to any gold that is no longer of value in its original marketed form—for example, broken jewelry or industrial by-products. Scrap gold is often sent to a refinery, in order to be melted down.

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Gold Jewelry

We buy gold jewelry in all conditions whether it’s new, old, broken, damaged, vintage or antique. As long as it’s gold, we can buy it. We have purchased jewelry as low as 8 and 9 karat gold, but most of the items we buy are the traditional 10 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat, 22 karat and 24 karat gold.

Why us?

Professional & Experienced

Our professionals are experts in this industry, and they are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.

Highly Rated Gold Dealer

We are highly rated on Google and Yelp because we are fully transparent with our customers and have a no-pressure selling process. We will gladly give you a free estimate, and we test your gold right in front of you. No tricks, no scams. 

On-Site Purity Testing

We can test the purity of your gold right from within our store, and we do it in front of you, so you get instant results with full transparency.

Family Owned & Operated

We are proud to be a family owned and operated business. Our owners have grown up in the gold and silver industry, and our father owned a gold business in California for over 40 years. We are familiar with all things gold and will treat you like family too. 

Authorized, Certified Dealer

We are authorized to buy and sell gold in the state of California and are recognized by PCGS and the NGC. Our scales are certified on an annual basis by the San Bernadino County Agriculture Weights & Measures.

No Sales Tax on $1500+ Orders

When you spend $1,500 or more, we will not charge sales tax. This is a great way to save money when investing in precious metals. Sales under this amount are required by the State of California to charge the current sales tax rate, which is 7.75%. 

California Gold & Silver Exchange Is One Of The Most Trusted Gold Dealers in California

Maria and Amira are the best so nice and very polite my wife brought a ton of jewelry she didn’t want anymore and Amira and Maria took very good care of us and paid us the max that they could which wasn’t bad at all. My wife was pleased with the sale. I would definitely recommend this family-owned place to anyone looking to sell any gold or silver to them.

Honest, fair and helpful. Maria, Amira and Michael, inform and educate their customers. They have the equipment to give you a straight-up breakdown of what your ring or necklace or coin is composed of. They will show you the up-to-date value of any metal. Everything is above board with these folks. I’ve never seen them on the wrong side of an argument. Buying or selling, they do honest and fair business.

These people will never do you wrong. They are so honest and helpful and really attentive. They also have fair prices and honestly what they provide in service in terms of trust and accountability is why I still choose them even when other places might have a better price at times. There is no price on trust and I’m so glad I found them.

California Gold & Silver Exchange Is Officially Accredited & Authorized,


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When you sell gold to us, we will explain every step of the process to help you understand how selling gold works. With your XRF Precious metals Analyzer, we can test your gold to know exactly what purity your gold contains. This helps us assess your gold to give you the most when you sell.

Reasons to Sell Gold:

  • Gold is a truly unique and valuable gift.
  • The most trustworthy investment.
  • Gold acts as a hedge against inflation.
  • Gold is easy to sell.
  • Gold can diversify your portfolio.
  • Billionaires like to invest in gold.
  • Throughout history, gold has been seen as a special and valuable commodity.
  • Gold has a long history, literally thousands of years, of holding it’s value.
  •  Gold can also provide financial cover during geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty.
  • Gold mining has produced less gold over the past decade, increasing prices.
  • Global demand for gold is increasing, both by emerging nations, and by investors.

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What is the most popular type of gold to sell?

  • 14k gold is the most common type of gold used in jewelry. 10k, 18k, and 24k are also commonly found in jewelry. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are popular gold colors. Popular fills of gold are plated, vermeil, filled, and solid. Gold-plated items have a thin layer of gold on them, gold vermeil has a slightly thicker layer and won’t tarnish, gold-filled is the thickest layer without being solid gold, and solid gold is comprised fully of gold. We do not buy gold-plated items but will buy most gold-filled items.

How much is gold worth? Gold Price Examples at the time of writing:

  •   Gold Coins – $1,991.82
  •   Gold Bullion (1 troy ounce) – $1,945.08
  •   Gold Bars – $1,917.97
  •   Gold Ingots – $1,851.00
  •   Gold Scrap (per gram of 14k) – $32.53
  •   Gold Jewelry (14k per pennyweight)- $51.59

Currently, one ounce of gold is worth $1855.90. 10 years ago, it was worth $1394.75. And in the future 10 years, it is forecasted to be worth $17,000.

Are there types of gold you don’t buy?

  • We do not buy gold-plated items.  We also do not buy items that we cannot guarantee their authenticity

What is the difference between a troy ounce and a regular ounce?

  • A troy ounce has 31.1035 grams. A regular ounce has 28 grams. Gold and silver is measured in troy ounces.

What are my payment options when selling?

  • We offer payment options that work best for you. Our standard payment method is cash. We also offer payment by company check. You may also request a cashier’s check for large bullion sales.

Should I clean my coins before I sell them?

  • No! You never want to clean coins before selling them to a gold trader. Cleaning your coins can substantially diminish their value because cleaning products contain abrasive materials that are damaging to your gold coins. Even gently polishing your coins can cause irreversible damage to your coins.

Do you buy dental gold?

  • Yes, we do. We purchase any dental crown bridges or filling containing gold. Don’t be embarrassed if there is a tooth attached. We see it all the time and are able to get the tooth out to get an exact weight of your dental gold. Dental gold’s purity range from 10-20 Karats alloyed with other metals like silver, copper, tin or titanium. The Most Common purity of dental gold is 16 Karat gold. We deal with many dental offices and dental associates in the Sothern California area. With our Precious Metal Analyzer you are assured that you are getting the most for your dental gold.