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Which Coins Are Worthless and Which Ones are Valuable?

If you’ve got a handful of coins clinking around in your drawers or in a box under your bed, you may be wondering if they are valuable. But how can you tell which coins are worth something? We’re here to tell you which coins are worthless and which ones are valuable. Which Coins Are Worthless? […]

How to Tell if Your Silver Coins Are Valuable

You may find yourself with an excess of silver coins. Or, maybe you’ve been keeping an eye on the silver market prices and you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to sell your coins. Either way, how do you tell if your silver coins are valuable? If you want to be able to have an […]

What’s the Difference Between Karats, Carats, and Carrots?

When you start to invest in gold and diamonds, it’s important to know the terminology associated with each trade. Each of these investment opportunities uses karats or carats as a form of measurement. However, there are a few differences in how carats and karats are measured. Carats Carats are a unit of measurement used specifically […]

Gold and Silver Are in Demand – Shop Our Stock

Gold and silver are high in demand right now, which is good news for investors. However, this means that it can be more difficult to locate gold and silver items to trade. Here at CA Gold and Silver, we still have both gold and silver items in stock including coins, bullion, and bars. The Silver […]

We Exchange Crown Gold

You may have heard the term “crown gold” before. But what is crown gold, and how is it different from other types of gold? If you aren’t already investing in crown gold, now is a great time to get started in investing in precious metals. At CA Gold and Silver, we exchange crown gold. What […]

Why Are Economists Predicting a Market Crash?

With the Silicon Valley Bank crashing, and others like it predicted to follow, some economists are predicting a market crash in the near future. But what other factors are leading to this crash? And how can you protect your assets? There are several things that may be the root cause of the impending crash, and […]

Why You Should Never Clean Your Coins Before Selling Them

Picture this… you find old coins in a box as you’re cleaning out the house of a relative that’s recently passed away. You look up the coins online to see what they’re worth and get excited to see they could fetch you around $300 each. However, you also notice the coins are a bit dirty […]

How to Test If Your Gold Is Real at Home

If you have some gold to sell, you may first need to verify that your gold is actually worth something. While regular gold investors may already own equipment for testing, the average person will probably need to try other options. You may be wondering how to test if your gold is real without the use […]

Which Items We Buy Put the Most Money in Your Pocket?

If you are just getting started in investing in precious metals, you may be wondering which items we buy put the most money back in your pocket. While the market is always changing, there are items that guarantee to get some money in your pocket every time. Some of these things you may even have […]

How to Test the Worth of Your Silver and Gold

Is that old silver dish your grandmother gave to you actually a hidden treasure? Did you stumble across a gold coin that you think might be worth something? It’s all a possibility! You can test the worth of those metals at home to see if they are actually a goldmine or not (pun intended). You […]