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How to Test the Worth of Your Silver and Gold

Is that old silver dish your grandmother gave to you actually a hidden treasure? Did you stumble across a gold coin that you think might be worth something? It’s all a possibility! You can test the worth of those metals at home to see if they are actually a goldmine or not (pun intended). You […]

Silver Price Predictions for 2023

While the price of gold for this year is a bit more unpredictable, the price of silver seems to be steadily rising. Because our current supply of silver is insufficient, pricing for silver has seen a consistent rise in cost per ounce. The silver price prediction for 2023 is expected to continue on this upward […]

Is Now a Good Time to Start Investing in Gold?

With inflation still on the rise and talk of an inevitable recession, you may be wondering if now is a good time to invest in gold. Gold is considered a hedge against inflation, as its prices continue to rise despite the state of the economy. Since the price of gold often works directly against the […]

The Price of Gold in 2023

With a possible recession coming and interest rates continuing to hike to bring down inflation, it’s hard to tell where the price of gold is going in 2023. Last year, there was just as much uncertainty with gold pricing. At first glance, 2022 was hopeful as we started to recover from the pandemic. However, the […]